Montana Bunkhouse

Cabin Rental for Hunting, Recreation and Relaxation

Big Game Hunting

Our ranch in central Montana has been managed for thirteen years so that you will have plenty of animals from which to choose. We offer almost 5,000 acres available for your hunting pleasure.

We are a working ranch which means there may be cattle present in some areas.

You can walk out the cabin door and are able to harvest an animal without going very far.  It is a walk of only two or three miles, one way, to find your deer, elk, lion, bear, turkey, or whatever you are hunting.

For inforamtion on local hunting and fishing, visit  For Montana hunting and fishing information visit Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.


We have all kinds of terrain, open fields, brushy pastures, and mountainous areas.

We require all able-bodied hunters to walk or hike while hunting with us, however, hunters who have problems with getting around may ride in a vehicle. Montana law allows people who have handicaps to shoot from a vehicle. We will help you retrieve your animal if you need us to.

Montana requires persons who have handicaps to have an able bodied person with them to help.  We do not provide this service, so please bring your person. 

We are in Area 411.

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