Montana Bunkhouse

Cabin Rental for Hunting, Recreation and Relaxation


Thank you so much! Mom surely loves to stay at the Paradise Cabin.
~ Audrey ~

Enjoyed every minute.
~ Paul ~

Had a great time!
~ Rob ~

Thanks for the hospitality. Great hunt, great ranch and great people.
~ Newton, Jeff, and Tommy ~

Thanks for another great family outing!!
~ Jim ~

Christmas at the Paradise Cabin!
~ Deb ~

You have a lovely place. We really enjoyed it. Just wish we could have been here longer.
~ Wayne, Ambie, and Kris ~

Had a great time, again.
~ Louis and Rob ~

Our family vacation. Grandfather grew up here in Montana.
~ Arlene ~

Montana is a great place. I love all the wildlife. Tig is a great dog. We hope to come back soon.
~ Brittany ~

Thanks for letting us have our family reunions here. We love it.
~ Linda ~

We have enjoyed our stay here this week. It was so relaxing and restful and quiet! Thanks for all your great help. We'll probably be back.
~ Phil, Patti, Joshua,Cid, Ean, Bryn, Melisse, and Lily ~

Many special thanks for sharing your little slice of heaven. We hunt a lot and this is like a five star hotel compared to what we usually have. The elk was a bonus. If you ever come our way, please get in touch.
~ Matt, Aaron, and Jacob ~

Thank you very much for donating the hunting trip to the Alzheimer's Association. We were very lucky to win it. We had a great time and everybody got a buck! You have a great place. We want to come back. Thanks for being a very gracious host.
~ Bill, JD, Lee, and Allen ~

Thank you. Paradise Cabin was the perfect place for four bird hunters and their tired dogs.
~ Marshall, Dick, Redge, and Jim ~

Thank you so much for making us feel like old friends. We really enjoyed our stay at Paradise Cabin. We look forward to doing it again.
~ Lemoyne and Carole ~

It was wonderful for us. We were cradled amidst the mountains, infinite stars, and the quiet quiet. Thanks so much for making us feel so welcome. Love the history of this place in the center of Montana.
~ Roland, Gretchen, Tom, Mary, and Dan ~

God bless you for your kind hospitality.
~ Dan and Terri ~

What a beautiful location for our first family vacation with our new little addition. I enjoyed every second of it.
~ Whitney, Anna Marie, John, and Juneau ~